Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my little pocket of the internet. My name is Adil Shah and I am an atmospheric scientist, originally from South London, currently working at the Centre for Atmospheric Science at The University of Manchester. This website briefly summarises my research interests, experience and expertise. You can explore here my personal passions (including my adoration of chickens).

First, I wish to explain the purpose of this website. I am Adil so I know Adil very well. However you are not Adil so you do not. You may ask, yourself "who is Adil?". Most would consider Adil to be a physical scientist to some extent, which you now know, but may not have known prior to reading this sentence. I see this website as a window into Adil's mind and to allow you to explore his thought processes, alongside his work and his career.

All that's left for you to do is to enjoy this website and to wander wherever the internet wishes to take you...

Adil in Chevin Forest Park, West Yorkshire, wearing a silly cap