About Me

About Adil

Adil was born in Tooting, South London. He moved to Leeds for his undergraduate studies, to Manchester for his postgradate research and now lives in the south of Paris, France. Adil currently works at the Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement. As a physical scientist, Adil's role is to contribute towards evidence based conclusions through the study of nature, which may influence societal decisions.

Although Adil would consider himself to be a rational environmentalist, he is careful to distinguish between wearing his scientific hat and his personal hat. Adil keeps his personal views independent of his scientific work. For instance, Adil reluctantly accepts that powering our computers and heating our homes requires electricity which inevitably comes from greenhouse gases, at present. It is indeed possible to generate carbon neutral electricity (using wind turbines, for example) but large infrastructure changes are urgently needed to achieve this.

As an individual, Adil dislikes unnecessary travel on modes of transport that release greenhouse gases such cars and planes. However, it is important to recognise that travelling across the globe in a plane results in comparable carbon dioxide emissions to driving a car the same distance. Adil's solution is not to travel at all unless necessary. The UK's environment diverse enough for Adil to enjoy exploring his own back yard, particularly the UK's beautiful forests.

When out of the office Adil enjoys walking and visiting museums. Adil regularly listens to the radio in his spare time.

A view from Tooting Bec Common close to where Adil was brought up