About Me

Favourite Things

One of Adil's favourite things is food. Adil loves things that are sweet. This includes ice cream, chocolates bars, cakes and sweets. His favourite sweets are jelly beans. Anything sweet makes Adil happy! Adil is also particular about his fruit. His favourite fruits are oranges but he can't regularly eat them as they induce his eczema. Adil's favourite apples are Cox's Orange Pippins, with Gala apples satisfactory otherwise. Adil strongly opposes of the consumption of Braeburn apples and cannot understand why they are so popular. Similarly, Adil tries his best to stick to Conference pears which are king. Furthermore, Adil likes dates, the best of which are Medjool, although they are incredibly expensive. Adil also likes cheese, particularly Stilton. Finally, Adil drinks tea, favouring Assam specifically.

Adil's favourite animals are of course the chickens, closely followed by cattle. But unbeknownst to most, Adil is also fond of a variety of other animals such as sheep, gorillas, African elephants and bees. As a scientist, Adil developed calcium to be his favourite chemical element while growing up. Calcium is amazing because it makes stone, bone and best of all, egg shell. Furthermore we would be nowhere without limestone and calcium is its main ingredient.

These jelly beans are delicious