Current Reaearch

Adil is currently working towards a PhD in the Atmospheric Sciences, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), at the Centre for Atmospheric Science at The University of Manchester in the Atmospheric Sciences. His research under the supervision of Grant Allen involves the investigation of facility scale methane emission fluxes using a local scale unmanned aerial vehicle sampling. Unmanned aerial vehicles offer a versatile and relatively cheap alternative to manned aircraft which are more suitable in obtaining flux measurements on a regional scale.

Adil is particularly interested in emissions of methane from landfill sites in the UK. Methane is an extremely potent greenhouse gas, with global concentrations currently on the increase. While sources of methane are generally well known however, the individual contribution of each source to the global methane budget remains highly uncertain. Methane concentration is now over twice as high in greater than its stable concentration over the past 800 000 years before the onset of the industrial revolution.

Adil makes high precision in-situ measurements from an unnamed aerial vehicle, flying on a two-dimensional vertical flux plane downwind of the emission source, to infer a specific source fluxes.

Cattle are a significant anthropogenic source of biogenic methane