Why Chicken

Adil is moderately fascinated by and rather obsessed with chickens, a situation that has existed for as long as Adil can remember. The root of this undeniable condition is difficult to precisely isolate. As an example of this enthralment, Adil firmly believes that the integration of live chickens in current space programmes can serve as a vital food source in future human exploration of the solar system. Other than the prospect of them freezing or the problem of a lack of food, Adil is confident that these inevitable teething problems can one day be overcome.

Back on Earth, chicken can serve as a healthy food source, provided they are reared in humane conditions. Not only is chicken delicious, it is also incredibly versatile with potential for inclusion in a wide range of recipes. Adil would recommend the Beeb's page on the topic if in need of inspiration.

While Adil primarily loves chickens for their culinary purpose, he also appreciates their aesthetic qualities which are all too often overlooked. Chickens are incredibly soft and fluffy, as are most birds. But unlike most other birds, chickens cannot fly away which allows you to hold them. Chickens look wonderful, feel wonderful and taste wonderful, which should provide you with some justification for Adil's overwhelming adoration of the things.

Fried chicken and chips from Balham