Favourite Breed

Regardless of the vast variety of exciting breeds alive today, all chickens belong to the same subspecies, Gallus gallus domesticus, which originated in Asia. Newer breeds have been developed either exclusively for meat or egg production. This modern trait is contrary to requirements in the distant past, where breeds with all-round qualities were economically preferred. Adil believes in conserving the ways of our predecessors, thus favouring the Light Sussex Chicken.

Unlike the Dorking Chicken which is Italian, the Light Sussex chicken was developed a couple of millennia ago in the south of England. This British breed is thought to have been bred from the Silver-Grey Dorking along with the Brahma and the Cochin breeds, although its exact history and genetic make-up is uncertain. They are mostly white with some black colour around their necks, with hens typically weighing 3.2 kg and cockerels typically weighing 4.1 kg. They produce tinted eggs. Adil loves them and so do many others, making them one of the most widely kept breeds in the country.

A light sussex hen is smaller than her male counterpart